Our Mission

The Kevin Kubasik Charitable Trust is driven by the power of research, data and practical insights to cultivate positive change. The trust was established in 2016 to honor the short life of an incredibly curious, tech-talented and caring young man who sought evidence-based solutions to vexing social challenges.

The trust seeks to fund qualified charitable organizations, projects and programs associated with causes identified by the Trustees. Causes include:

  • The lack of support provided to women working in STEM (especially tech) fields

  • The lack of personal privacy options in both commercial and government interactions

  • The lack of loving homes and rehabilitation services for American Eskimo dogs


How it works

The Trustees request a professional review and analysis of these identified causes to:

Articulate a specific, compelling problem statement within the broader cause

Assess promising and affirmed practices that, if implemented, would make progress in solving the identified problem statement

Identify research-based success metrics that would mark the extent of progress in resolving the specified problem

Develop a rubric or similar guide developed from these findings to vet organizations as potential grant recipients


Learn more about the specific interests and causes